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X25-M: Installing Win7 over Vista

My upgrade disk should arrive today or tomorrow - any "must do" tips to ensure an efficient install? BIOS is set to AHCI, and the X25M is plugged into SATA port 0; I'll make sure to pull the plug on all my other drives before the install if the upgra...

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Windows 7 - How to enable AHCI mode on an existing install

Hi folks,I got my Intel X25-M G2 80GB earlier this week and I'm struggling to get up to speed on all the technicalities of drive performance. I've read quite a few threads today about TRIM support being available in the latest FW, but it requires AHC...

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New to Intel X25-M Gen 2 SSD, some questions

Hi,getting my Intel X25-M Gen 2 SSD in 2 days. I have windows 7 currently installed on a normal HD and I was wondering if I can use a partition copy program like Acronis to copy it over to the new SSD without any issues?Also browsing though here it ...

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VMware and Intel MLC SSD

Hello,I try to figure out what is the best "low-cost" solution for virtualizing Solarisx64 oracle database in VMware (around 500MB R/W operations per day MAX).The SLC SSD are out of my league for now and I am very much interested in the X25-M SSD. H...

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Safely Remove Hardware?

I recently got myself a G2 160GB and installed W7 Pro 64-bit. During the install, the SATA controller was set to IDE, and reading that TRIM was only auto-active using AHCI, I followed this guide: http://support....

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