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IRST Version does not start immediately after boot on Windows 7

Esteemed Contributor III

I read an answer for the older Softw. Version 9.6 on the Intel� Rapid Storage Technology — Version 9.6 does not start immediately after boot on Windows 7* and also did as it has been told: its service can be changed from "autom. (delayed start)" to simply "automatically" start.

Is that answer still valid for the newest Version?

A RAID0 by two SSDs is used on 64-Bit-Windows "7".


Esteemed Contributor III

Yes, you can change it from delayed start to normal start.

That service is just an interface between the IRST software and the user, it actually is not necessary for the IRST capabilities to be working on a PC, they will be any time the PC/OS is running. You can double click the IRST icon in the Windows hidden icons to start it immediately when the PC boots, or run it from its Control Panel entry. You could create a shortcut for it by right clicking on the IRST entry in Control Panel, if that is convenient for you.

Just curious, why do you need to do this?