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Intel ssd install problems on asus P5B Deluxe

Esteemed Contributor III

I'm trying to install an Intel 510 ssd drive on my P5B Deluxe (BIOS rev. 1238 P965 chipset). When I start the windows 7 64-bit installation it wont find the drive (I disconnected the old drive and replaced it with the SSD drive). The device list is empty. Then I tried to connect both disks, booted up in windows 7 and used the intel data migration tool from the intel website. The data migration software says that it can't find any ssd drives.

The motherboard is supposed to have an ich8r sata controller. In bios I can switch between raid, ide and ahci modes on the sata controller but still with the same results.

When I boot into the previous windows 7 installation the ssd drive is available for read/write operations. Works both when attached to the sata ports on the motherboard and via usb to sata adapter.

I tried putting the drive in 2 different usb adapters but data migration software still won't see it as a ssd drive.