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Intel 520 Problems

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello, just purchased a new 520 240gb ssd. Loaded windows fresh on it. Loaded newest RST( and intel toolbox(3.0.2). Under SMART details it shows C0 and AE values at 26. Every time I shut down my computer the count goes up by one. This is not supposed to happen because I am shutting down windows correctly. How can I correct this issue? All of my drivers are the newest version and I have flashed my motherboard bios to the newest version.


Intel 980xGigabyte x58a-ud7 bios f8intel 520 240gb connected to the ich10r controller, not the marvell. AHCI enabled in the bios.Nvidia GTX 480

New Contributor II

New irst for download on Intel site, not sure if that will update the smart data or not. Both of mine do this as well, but I don't really see it s much of a problem. If all the drives are doing it and it seems that may be the case for the 520 then I would think an update along the way will address this.

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I can confirm mine does the same ( SMART codes :unexpected power loss AE & Unsafe shutdown count CO), although wouldnt have noticed this unless I saw your post. 520, 120GB, SATA 2.

Everything seems to working fine, in fact exceeded expectations, from an HDD to an Intel SSD

Be nice to know why this is occuring though.

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Yes, my 520 does this too. The only concern I would have is if this field was used as a warranty voiding criteria, but I highly doubt that would happen, and is not mentioned in the warranty information. It is a rather silly bug, but as a programmer, I can tell you that many times the "little stuff" gets ignored.

We should file support tickets or however Intel does that, just to make them aware that we are aware of this.

Do you have a concern about this that I am missing?

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I can confirm this (bug?) too. , but it happens only in Windows (in GNU/Linux it works correctly).

I'm almost sure that it happens also after booting/turning off GNU/Linux.

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