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Here is the way to simply an securely Erase any Drive (SSD, HDD, ...)

Esteemed Contributor III

The way to do it is simply by using Microsoft DISKPART.

Here is : using Method 8 as discribed.

So, there is no longer need for unsafe and unkown tools like HDDErase or HDParm etc.

Hope it will help


New Contributor

From what I read there, this method simply does a format of the drive. It is not the same as "secure erase".

Esteemed Contributor III

I confirm: DISKPART CLEAR ALL erases ALL data on ANY drive (including MBR, etc.), making it a raw drive.

You can check the detailed description of the command here:

I did it and it works, of course.

Esteemed Contributor III

A secure erase command is special. Plz see this link

Esteemed Contributor III

Thank you for replying. I undestand what a "secure erase" is ("magnetically speeking").

I have already seen this link (among others).

What I mean is DISKPART CLEAR ALL restores the drive to factory set. It does not "magnetically" destroy it.

FORMAT (normal) command does not do that.

And for the purpose of restoring the performance off an SSD, I can ensure you that DISKPART does the job.

I tested it.