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The dead drive blues...

Esteemed Contributor III

I have an intel 320 120gb hard drive and for the last month and a half I've been loving every minute of it. It replaced the primary bay of my HP dv7-5000 series laptop. Fresh install, made sure the firmware was up to date. I honestly can't tell you what the version was now because the drive is, as far as I can tell, quite necrotic. I woke up to find my system frozen. Did a reboot to find that the system says there is no bootable drive. after resetting a couple of times I pull it from the system and connect it via usb to another system. Toolbox doesn't see it. Win7 disk management doesn't see it. my computer doesn't see it on device manager. Its like I plugged a sock into the computer. The usb interface I have works for another loose drive I have by the way so its not that. so...

I have a few questions if anyone would be able to answer please

1. Am I missing something that can reactivate the drive. (you never know)

2. All I have is the box, the usb connector, and the drive cover that came with the retail box. I've misplaced the warranty card and most of the info I've seen keeps telling me to go to the seller for warranty service. I got it at best buy I don't think they will be very helpful after over a month. How do I go about getting a warranty exchange on the product?

On a side note Its particularly annoying because I had a 500gb hitachi drive in the laptops second drive bay. It was working fine the night before. Now its corrupted to the point that the file system can't be saved and I'm pulling data off it with a data recovery tool. Since its still recognized by device manager and it can be used again I can't imagine it caused any of this since it was simply a storage drive. Anyone know how the 320 drive may have led to the catastrophic corruption of that drive?