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SSD 510 Series Drive Access Lockup

I am seeing some odd behavior with my SSDSC2MH250A2 drives. I have two of these connected to my DX58SO2 motherboard. What was happening was that access to my second SSD drive would cause Windows to freeze. The OS itself would hang while trying to ...

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Advanced Format and 320 SSD

hi,i was reading up on the advanced format feature resulting in a 4k sector sizenow i ran fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c: on my 320 ssd and saw that the sector size is 512i would have expected it to be 4096so what's the deal?tia,Marc

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Official Erase Block Size for 320 Series?

I would like to know the Erase Block size for the Intel SSD 320 series.Of course I need it to be able properly align partitions, in OS X.Is it 128k or 512k or something else?Pls. only confirmed sources, not guessing, and not saying, it does not need ...

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