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Boot error E+ Err 5

Esteemed Contributor III

I have an SSDSA2M080G2GC. I ran the Firmware update to 2CV102HD. I cloned from the original IDE. After swapping the drives I receive the error

[E+ Err 5 Run Recover] at boot (there are a couple exclaimations in there, but you got the verbage) The Dell D520 bios wont recognize the drive at all but apparently still boots to it?? The +Drive listing disappears. I installed in a GX270 and an HP dc5800 with the same boot error, but got different results in the Bios. The GX270 simply recognizes a Hard Drive. The HP identifies it by the abve model no. Also, as a secondary drive (either USB, or SATA) I can see and format partitions fine.

I have installed several other brands (OCZ, Pqi, Transcend, ...) using this same procedure to install in Dell and HP laptops, and without incident until n ow. I was unable to find similar topics in the discussions. Any direction or advise is greatly appreciated.


Esteemed Contributor III

I am writing my own reply as I have located the problem. Way more simple than I was making it. I just had to step back (and turn off the forums...) and reach into the old toolbox. It just took a simple rewrite of the MBR [ran 'fdisk /mbr' from an old Win98 boot CD] . On to partition alignment as we are an XP shop.......