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Boot error E+ Err 5

I have an SSDSA2M080G2GC. I ran the Firmware update to 2CV102HD. I cloned from the original IDE. After swapping the drives I receive the error[E+ Err 5 Run Recover] at boot (there are a couple exclaimations in there, but you got the verbage) The Del...

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Looking for official word on Windows 7, PCIIDE.SYS, and Trim

I have seen it mentioned several time in this forum that when running Windows 7, either MSAHCI.SYS or PCIIDE.SYS are supported drivers for Trim.Unfortunately, I've not been able to find any documentation from Intel or Microsoft that says the same thi...

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Will SSD stayed trimmed with Win-7 and WinXp partitions installed?

I'm wondering if an SSD will stay "trimmed" if I install both Win-7 and an WinXp partitions on the SSD and occasionally use the WinXp partiton. I would like to be able to switch back and forth between the Win-7 and WinXp partitions.Here is the propos...

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Does the automatic trim really work ?

Two weeks ago I have successfully updated the firmware of my brand new Intel X25 G2 80GB (to 02HA). I set the ICH9R to AHCI and then installed my brand new Windows 7 OS. I have checked that my ssd was using the MS AHCI driver. So according to Intel, ...

OPLIC by New Contributor
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