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Intel 510 250GB Read Failure

Odd, as my PC works apart from the occassional freeze for 30 seconds. However when I run V2.02 of the tool box I get 'Read Scan' Failed.Can I fix this?Cheers.Andi.

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New 510 250GB SSD... Updates?

just picked up the intel 510 SSD (250GB) looking to see what i need to do to get runningis there any new firmware out for it, etc that wouldn't come on the drive?this is my first Intel SSD.. last one I had was OCZ and their forum had a list of tweaks...

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Intel X-25M 160G2C1

Hello,I am new to this forum and recently purchased a desktop with an Intel SSD installed. I then installed another SSD 160G2 which I used in a MAC and when I turned on the desktop it gave me a warning of "impending drive failure". I tried using the...

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Setting up a SSD drive with ISRT and OS on same drive

So I am going to be building a new system with a Z68 motherboard, along with an Intel 510 SSD 120 gb drive. I am planning on partitioning the SSD into two drives, one for the max 64 gb ISRT cache, and the other with the rest of the space for the w...

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