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Adapting 1.8 inch SSD Series 320 to 2.5 drive bays (e.g. in HP Elitebook 2560p)?

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Until now I used a 1.8 inch series 320 SSD (300 GB) in an HP Elitebook 2530p that has a 1.8 inch drive bay with microSATA connector. Now I received an HP Elitebook 2560p that has a 2.5 inch drive bay with a "normal" SATA connector and that contains a 2.5 inch 5V SATA hard disk. I want to continue using the SSD in the new notebook.

I purchased a microSATA-to-SATA connector-adapter from "Lindy" ( that also contains a voltage regulator also for the power line of 3.3V drives.

When the SSD is installed in the primary bay of the notebook using that adapter, the BIOS does not recognize a drive. It simply says "No disk installed" and does not offer the option to boot from internal drive.

So what can I do to make the notebook accept that 1.8 inch drive?

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Hi Helge,

Intel does not validate any 3rd party adaptors as there are just too many of them.

I suggest you contact Lindy for assistance.