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Best Practice for installing storage drivers SSD and HP Elitebook

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi Everyone,

I hope you can get me some advice what to do best in this scenario :

Within a couple of days i'm going to install a HP Elitebook Workstation 8740w for my work. This notebook is equipped with a Intel QM57 Chipset.

When i get this portable first thing i do is to replace the sata-hdd with a SSD 320-series 120 Gb version, and add a second drive (WD Scorpio Blue 640Gb), and install W7 x64 Pro on the Primairy SSD, Data and other tooling i install on the Secondary WD Drive. Also i will upgrade the memory to 16 Gb.

I'm some confused about which storage-drivers i need to use for this portable for installation later on in combination with the storage i will use.

When i checked the latest HP drivers for this specific notebook, they are talking about the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver Release

But when i checked the latest Intel drivers for this controller they talk about the Intel Driver Release

Are these two drivers diiferent from each other? Must i install both of them or not, and in wich phase of the W7 installation is it best to do this driver-installation?

Thanks in advance for any comments !




Esteemed Contributor III

1. Ensure the laptop is set to AHCI mode.

2. Install Windows 7 as usual. There's no need to change anything.

3. Install the latest drivers from Intel.

Sometimes HP is slow to update drivers for every PC or laptop, and it's generally safe to use the ones direct from Intel.