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Why is my X25-V so slow?

I had been looking at benchmarks before purchasing this drive and everyones seem to be a hell of a lot higher than mine: I'm running windows 7 and the SSD toolbox was run just prior to running this test.

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Two questions before I ghost my new SSD

Does SSD come preformated?I want to ghost my windows 7 Ultimate and all programs and files. Has anybody had success with that?

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X-25M Issues

Just bought an Intel X-25m SSD. Installed Windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be running fine.I downloaded and installed the Intel SSD Toolbox and I it was reporting "error connecting to drive".The drive seems to be running fine. TRIM is enabl...

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10-15 sec response time after idling with laptop

Hello everyone,Recently I've purchased a batch of Intel SSD G2 80g (X25-M) for my work. When I installed them on desktop PCs they work great, so far no problems.Now as I proceed to install them onto laptops, it didn't matter which kind of laptops (we...

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