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80Gb ssd is now onley 8Mb

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Hello guys

I got a strange problem. Today i received my SSD and i wanted to instal W7 on it. First i could see the SSd in the bios but not in the windows screen where you can partition the disks.

No i got that problem solved. But the disk is onley 8Mb

My system specs

Asus Crosshair formula 2

AMD Phenom2 x940

if you need more info just ask and i will post it



New Contributor

I have seen this problem reported with other disks, mainly SSDs. It appears to be a failure of the drive's controller. Get it replaced under warranty.

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What firmware version is on the drive?

Esteemed Contributor III

Apologies for the problems you are having with your X-25M.

If the problem continues, please RMA the drive for replacment.

FYI: "Intel BootLoader" and a drive size of 8MB typically means that the firmware cannot be found.

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I ordered a new one installed it and it worked. so im gonna RMA the broken one:)

thx for the reply's

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I have an Asus M2npv-vm motherboard running Windows XP Pro and I see exact same issues. The drive is an Kingston SSD 96 GB. I worked with Kingston and the RMA the first device. Without any explanation of what they did, they sent me a new drive. The new drive has the exact same problem I can only see 7.84 MB of the total 96 GB. Did you go with a different vendor than Kingston, such as the Kingston was not working and another vendor 's SSD worked?