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Win 10 cannot do an inplace upgrade on my SSD 600P series

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win 10 sees my M.2 SSD 600P series as a USB flashstation with setup so i cannot do an inplace upgrade how can i fix this.


Actually Bruce, I think it may be SSD related, but not the way you think. My understanding is that NVMe support requires UEFI Boot. The SSU report indicates that Legacy Boot is being used. [Aside: It is unclear, but I get the feeling that this is a system that has been migrated multiple times, including from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (directly or eventually).] Regardless, a full reinstall of Windows 10 will be necessary. The Windows 10 installation media must be properly booted in UEFI mode and, during the installation process, all partitions on the SSD must be deleted (so the Windows 10 installer can create a proper GPT partition table).

Hope this helps,


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Hello, @n_scott_pearson.

Thank you very much for providing that information, I had no idea that it could be related.

That is something I would consider the best option in order to overcome this error, it is also something that @Jokerdad may need to evaluate and check if it's possible or not, as I'm not sure if he may have any problems taking this route. After verifying here, the thread will be closed and no longer be monitored as there are no other recommendations I can provide regarding this error; if further assistance from Intel is required, please open a new community thread.

Once, again, thank you for your input.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

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i have bought this computer new with win10 installed so i think that they did not know how to do a good installation of win10 on this kind of SSD.

thank you all for your support.

i know now what i can do to fix this properly.

thank you very much

with kind regards