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Where in the Bios?

New Contributor

Would I go to make my hard drive boot up? I have a 3 month old Intel 480 ssd I would like to place in a new laptop. I have cloned my ssd to a Seagate 640g hard drive and I can't get it boot up. I do this because I would like to place the Seagate back in my old. Your help will be appreciated.


Valued Contributor II

Hello Gooddrive,

The location of the Boot configuration depends on the type of Motherboard and BIOS version in your computer. We advise you to check the documentation of your computer or motherboard to obtain the details for your system.

All CMOS configuration utilities will have the option to specify the order in which the BIOS will look for bootable devices, you will normally find a name similar to boot, boot sequence, boot device priority, etc.