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SSD not recognised after bluescreen

New Contributor II

Dear Community,

I have a severe problem with my Intel SSD NVMe SM2260. After a bluescreen yesterday in Windows 10, it was not able to boot my Laptop up again. In the UEFI the SSD had only been recognised with a capacity of exactly 1 GB (1024 MB), whereas the capacity is 256 GB.

I took the SSD out of my Laptop and put it as a second storage into my PC. When I checked in Windows under Computer Management -> Disk Management, the SSD also shows up with 1 GB and I am asked to initialise the disk… (see first attachment)

Also, the app “Intel rapid storage technology” recognises the SSD only with 1 GB (see attachments 2 & 3).

All data recovery programs I have tried so far were not even able to do anything with the SSD.

When I do initialise the SSD with Windows Disk Management, the SSD shows up as a 2 TB “GPT Protective Partition” (see attachment 4). However, data recovery programs also could not do anything with that…

When I restart the PC, the SSD is again shown as an uninitialised 1 GB disk.

So my question is, if anyone here has experienced anything remotely similar or has suggestions how I can proceed further. When I was dealing with disk problems, at least the correct size was recognized, but I have never experienced anything like that before…

Thank you so much!


Contributor II

This is the second case of late where the (unfortunately) failing NVMe SSD reports its size as being 1GB.

What is the model of your drive? [Hint: SM2260 is the id of the Silicon Motion NVMe SSD controller IC, not the id of the drive.]


Thank you for the quick reply!

The model number is: SSDPEKKF256G7H.

I have attached a photo of the SSD.

Yea, that's an old 256GB Intel 600p Series NVMe SSD. They has decent read speed (3x SATA) but write speed was as slow as SATA. As I said, the drive is failing. The interesting thing is that we've seen two of them now that displayed this same symptom during their failure.

Are you the original owner? If so, there is a chance that your warranty will cover a replacement. Verify if you have an active warranty here: Determine if Your Product Is Still Under Warranty. If you do, you need to directly contact Intel Customer Support to initiate the RMA replacement process (you cannot do this through the forums). Here are pages where you can lookup contact information, including local/country phone numbers, by geography:

You can use the online forms service or email, but I actually recommend calling them directly. The above links provide local or toll-free numbers in most countries and support most local languages. You could also use the chat service (start here: Intel Customer Support Chat), but understand that this service is offered in English only and is subject to the normal (9:00-5:00 M-F) office hours in the Pacific (UTC-8) time zone.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the information. I will check.

And I assume all the data is lost.

Does it make sense to pay a data recovery company? Is there any way to recover the data? Or can I save the money?