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solidigm toolkit just crash instantly while loading

New Contributor

it used to work just fine. Someday it just crashes at startup. 

I don't know where to look for a log so I just checked the event viewer and it shows the following error:

错误进程 ID: 0x0x5B64
错误应用程序启动时间: 0x0x1DA72A535943F66
错误应用程序路径: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SolidigmSynergyToolkit-ebd5-4308-9506-217a18cf4f18_1.0.0.1034_x64__pzagxgst3t4v8\SolidigmSynergyToolkit.exe
错误模块路径: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_618b150331c5f4ad\nvppex.dll
报告 ID: 99b0924e-e58f-43f8-bfb9-194d2a1933e6
错误程序包全名: SolidigmSynergyToolkit-ebd5-4308-9506-217a18cf4f18_1.0.0.1034_x64__pzagxgst3t4v8
错误程序包相对应用程序 ID: App

It looks like it has something to do with Nvidia driver? I recently switched to Nvidia app and I have the latest Nvidia driver.



Hi RichardLuo,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm™ Support.

We want to ask you to try the next steps regarding your issue.  

1) Update Nvidia Drivers: Even though you mentioned having the latest Nvidia drivers, it's worth double-checking for any very recent updates or opting for a clean installation of the drivers. 

2) Update Solidigm Synergy Toolkit

3) Reinstall Solidigm Synergy Toolkit: This can help resolve any issues stemming from corrupted application files or improper installation.

4) Run the Application as Administrator: Right-click on the Solidigm Synergy Toolkit shortcut and select "Run as administrator." This can sometimes resolve issues related to permissions that might prevent the application from functioning correctly.

5) Check for Windows Updates 

6) Check System for Malware: Sometimes, malware can interfere with applications and drivers. Run a comprehensive scan of your system using your antivirus software to ensure no malicious software is causing the issue.


If you continue to experience issues with your drive, please use the following link to create a case and we will reach out to you shortly.

Kind regards.  
Solidigm Customer Support 




Hi, I have tried all the steps.

Run as administrator stops the crash at first. But the issue persists when I close the app and rerun it without administrator permission. Now if I run it with or without administrator, it doesn't open.

None of the other steps work for me.

Hi RichardLuo,

Thank you for the information provided. It looks like you will need to run as administrator in order to stop the crash. 

Please, be aware, that as we mentioned before, if you continue to experience issues with your drive or Solidigm toolkit, please use the following link to create a case and we will reach out to you shortly.

Kind regards.  
Solidigm Customer Support