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Power On Hours count - SSD S4510 S4500

New Contributor

I bought two 480GB S4510 SSD drives.

When analyzing the hours of use of each unit, I noticed that approximately 16 thousand hours of use are reported on both units.

I bought them like new.

Is it possible that there is a bug in this information?




Hi Tarcio,


Thanks for reaching out, happy to assist!


I would like to let you know that SSD Toolbox and Intel® SSD Data Center Tool Applications has reached end-of-life (EOL) and will no longer be updated.


I advise you to download the latest version of Solidigm™ Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) which is the 1.3. You can refer to the article outlined to download this tool.


Furthermore, if you ran a check with the tool I have provided and you still see the same information in regards to the hours of use I advise you to reach out to the store where you purchase those SSD's since they already have been used.


Hope this helps!


Best Regards!