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mystery key on SSD internal drive

New Contributor

This is the first hardware-oriented forum I've run across, and it appears to be for a specific brand, so I apologize for being off-topic, but hope that some kind soul is familiar with these hardware intricacies and can take a few moments to enlighten me.

I can't find a compatible USB enclosure for Intel 660p SSD 2.0TB that was removed from a dead 2015 MacBook Pro. It has a notch near the center of the row of contacts that doesn't match the plastic pin in an enclosure I bought, which is closer to the right end of the row of contacts. Photos online of SSDs and enclosures (including Intel 660p!) (also including a diagram of B, M, and B+M keying) show the notch(es) closer to the end(s) of the row, so I wonder if the center notch indicates the SSD is intended ONLY for internal drive and not a USB external drive. Here's the specific contact arrangement on my drive, with contacts 'c', spaces (width of 2 contacts) 's', and the notch at 'S': ccc s cccc s ccccccc S ccccccc s cccc.

Thanks very much.


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Hi yashww,

Is it possible for you to post a picture of the 660p SSD here in the forum? 


Dear yashww

We are sorry to hear that you experiencing issues with your SSD. We will need further information (inc personal information), to investigate your issue. Please have a look on our article about it: In case of further issues with the drive contact us at (This can also be found on our website). This will create a support ticket and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Best regards.  

Solidigm Customer Support 




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Hi. MacBook has proprietary pinout. To use this SSD anywhere else you'll need "12 + 16 Pins to M.2" adaptor. It's only a couple of dollars, but probably won't fit into external enclosure.