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Its not right but toolbox says it is ok?

Esteemed Contributor III

I posted a bit earlier about an SSD in an embedded platform, with an oldish linux and ext3 partitions, I get write errors and wondered if it was because the use pattern I had was wearing out on bit of the drive.

I took the drive out and put in a windows box to have a look with the toolbox program, I had to reformat to NTFS to get anywhere, but figured a full format would find the sort of errors I am looking for so why not.

It formatted just fine, it passed a couple of surface scans, and toolbox says it is 100% ok after a full diagnostic scan.

Toolbox shows 100% health and life, it seems unlikely that the toolbox would be fooled by a format, but is that the case, might I have wiped out the lifetime and error information.

I looked at the smart information (copy to clipboard would be nice about here )

Everything is in green so I assume ok, things like no reallocated sectors suggest the drive is not even covering up problems.

So is it perfectly healthy, or have I somehow wiped the counters that would show problems?