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Intel SSD 540s Е8 Available Reserved Space

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My windows 7 x64 bit gave an error about my disk. Diagnostics s.m.a.r.t status bad with error Е8 Available Reserved Space with values 0 9 10. I used the ssd optimizer in Intel SSD Toolbox but the error remained. I add the logs of my ssd disk.

I will be grateful for the help.


Contributor III

Hello, alexander777.

Thank you for posting in the Intel Community Support forums.

I reviewed your thread regarding the Intel® SSD 540s Series (240GB) with the SMART error, I will be glad to assist you.

The drive does not seem to have considerable wear/use and it has not been working for that long, but I did notice that its firmware is running an earlier version (G200).

I would recommend performing a firmware update using the Intel Firmware Update Tool:

- Download:

- User and installation guides are available on the same page, or you can also visit the link below.

- How to Update the Firmware:

The reason for the update is that it includes some improvements in the behavior of the SMART parameters that could be related to the current error, so it is possible that there are no issues and the value is just being reported incorrectly.

I will also mention that Toolbox has been discontinued, I would recommend you to switch to the Intel Memory and Storage Tool, but your current OS is not part of the validated operating system (you may try to check if it works).

- Download:

- The user guide and installation guide are on the same page.

- Intel MAS is able to perform firmware updates as well, but the current firmware version G200 is an early revision, so it is recommended to perform the update using Intel FUT.

Please let me know if you can perform the update and if you notice any changes. The next step would be performing a secure erase, but I would recommend keeping an eye on the parameter "Available Reserved Space" after the firmware update to check if degradation continues.

I will follow up on April 12th or we can schedule a different date in case you would like to keep the ticket open for a while.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

Contributor III

Hello, alexander777.

I wanted to follow up on your thread regarding the SSD SMART information and error.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my previous post or if you performed the firmware update; I will proceed to close the ticket on April 15th if there is no confirmation or further assistance required.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


I'm sorry for such a late answer. For technical reasons, I could not answer.

I used your advice and did everything according to the instructions and I ran into a problem.

When you try to update the ssd, you get an error: (The firmware update process cannot be completed in Windows or Linux for this firmware. Please use the Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool)

My current Firmware LSBG200

Maybe I should try to install windows 10 and install the Firmware Update Tool on it as it doesn't work on Windows 7

I also wanted to try installing the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (GUI) on Windows 10 as it does not work on my Windows. 

Can I update the firmware with this program?