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Does Intel RSTe support Trim on pass through drives?

Esteemed Contributor III


I have just added 2 x WDD 1tb 'raptors in a RAID0 volume along side my single 240gb Corsair 240gb GT SSD. I have installed the latest version of Intel RSTe (Intel RST does not install on my Sabertooth X79) and everything runs fine. The SSD is recognized as a non RAID volume by Intel RSTe. I am trying to discover if TRIM is being passed on correctly in this configuration. The SSD is not in RAID0 configuration but is being controlled by the iaStorF.sys driver. The cmd line check for trim confirms 0. There appears to be a lot of confusion online if Intel RSTe supports Trim in RAID0. Well my SSD is not included in a RAID volume but is TRIM being passed on correctly? Can anyone shed any light on this?