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Intel SSD S3700 Series - Firmware issue

New Contributor

Hello Intel Community,

I`m facing a problem with my Intel SSD Driver. I was playing a game when suddenly the screen got frozen in a way that a had to force a reboot. After doing that, this SSD is showing me now a free disk space of 8MB.

I was reading about it and I figure out that is a huge bug for some Intel SSD Series, which I think it`s really bad. Anyway, I`ve tried a lot of steps to fix it:

- Using Intel SSD Toolbox: Nothing;

- Firmware update: Nothing;

- Linux tools, like hpparm: nothing;

- PartedMagic: Nothing;

Does anyone here is facing or already faced this problem?

Intel: Do you have a solution for that?

Thank you!


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello JulianoSoares,

Thanks for posting in our communities.Some users have reported the drive capacity is restored after running a secure erase on it.However, we recommend to contact your local support in order to check for warranty options.Best regards,Eugenio F.