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Intel P67 support for TRIM (Windows 7 Ultimate x64)

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I have a Gigabyte motherboard (GA-P67A-D3-B3 v1.0) with latest firmware (F7 as of April 2013). I've read that some folks in other online communities (Anandtech, tweaktown) managed to alter their BIOSes and implement support for TRIM in RAID0 (on the two SATA3 interfaces).

I've asked Gigabyte support for an official BIOS update that would permit this.

Here's the reply:


Thank you for your kindly mail and inquiry. Since TRIM command depends on the SATA controller, and according to GA-P67A-D3-B3(rev. 1.0) chipset, it uses PCH and which does not support TRIM command. We are sorry that it cannot be support TRIM command by update BIOS version, since it is the chipset specification.

If you still have any further questions bla bla



What do you guys think about this answer?

I thought I have trim support, the SSD supports it (Corsair Force GT 120 GB) and I got "0" after "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify".

I thought that the trim command is passed by the operating system (Win7 Ultimate x64 in my case; SSD is hooked on SATA3, AHCI) to the SSD. OK, in RAID0 I understood that it can't be used, but didn't know that PCH (Platform Controller Hub) can't do that even with a single SSD.


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Thanks to all of you for posting.

Please note this subject was posted in the Intel® SSDs forum regarding a third party SSD and the Intel® P67 chipset. For assistance with the Intel® chipset you may want to post in the Intel® Chipset Communities.


Razvan, the Intel® P67 chipset should be able to support TRIM on standalone drives; however, only the Intel(R) 77 chipsets support TRIM under RAID 0 with IRST 11.6 or higher.

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Hello Joe,

you are right regarding the location of this thread. It would have been better placed within the "Chipset" section of this Forum, because Razvan's problem (no TRIM support within his P67 RAID0) is definitively not caused by Intel SSDs.

On the other hand I do not really understand your advice to contact the mainboard and/or the SSD manufacturer regarding the missing TRIM support within Razvan's Intel P67 RAID0 array. As you surely know, it is just the hex code of the Intel RAID ROM/SataDriver module, which determines, if a special Intel chipset is supported by the "TRIM in RAID0" feature or not. Since the Intel RAID ROM/SataDriver modules are developed and released by Intel and nobody else, Razvan's question can only be answered by Intel.

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Fernando thanks a lot for pointing that out. You are correct, it is my bad since I did not pay attention to the RAID0 part; I will correct my response above.

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Joe, thanks for your interest in my problem. Fernando, thanks for pointing out important facts 😉

I'm sorry for posting this in the wrong community. Joe, if you can move this to the relevant neighborhood, please do this.

I have my answer, P67 does allow trim to be passed as I have tested the final result.

Regarding RAID0, I will test it soon, hopefully, but post the result in the right place.