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INTEL DC P3600 with unknown firmware 8DV1FF05

New Contributor

Good afternoon
We encountered a problem, bought a batch of #INTEL DC P3600 disks on ebay and encountered a problem on ESXi 6+ versions, since they do not create a datastore, although they are detected by the syste
We tried all driver options, VIB`s for ESXi, but it does not accept the disk in the datastore because the firmware is not supported. Once it even happened that ESXi wrote that the INTEL SSD is not an INTEL SSD.

After a week of searching, we found out that the firmware that comes as the latest for these SSDs is 8DV101H0, but ours is 8DV1FF05. Someone wrote that this is actually DELL firmware...
Your utility does not allow you to update the firmware to the latest one, it says that everything is up to date or gives an alert that “no disks were found that can be updated”

Help me figure out how to downgrade the firmware or replace it with the latest one.



Dear iSoldat,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm™ Support.

The drive that you referring to has DELL firmware,  and It is built in with the firmware of that company. Therefore, our tools cannot initialize downgrading or updating of the firmware, if it is the firmware of other companies/producers. For such operations, you should use the tools of those companies from which firmware comes from.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via  our Support Hub . We will be happy to assist you!

Kind regards,
Solidigm Customer Support




Tell me, is it possible to reflash it back to Intel firmware?

Dear iSoldat,


Changing the firmware from one brand (DELL)  to another (Solidigim),  is not recommended and, in most cases, not possible. Firmware is specific to the hardware it's designed for, and different manufacturers implement unique firmware tailored to their own devices. As we mentioned before, your drive has firmware from DELL, hence tools from Solidigm can not downgrade or update the firmware.

Additionally, please be aware, that attempting to flash firmware from one manufacturer onto hardware from another can lead to serious issues, including Incompatibility; Data Loss; Warranty Voidance.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Remember, that you can always contact us via our Support HUB.


Kind regards,


Solidigm Customer Support




Good afternoon.
Thanks for your reply.
We understand all the risks and are ready for the consequences, but we still really need to try changing the firmware, for this we have allocated at least 2 SSD drives, which we are ready to lose in case of the worst outcome.
We are ready for any update, manually, commands in the terminal, anything.
Therefore, I kindly ask you to help us and tell us how to reflash the SSD.