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Intel 750 boot problem

New Contributor

Hi, I have a supermicro X10DRD-iNT which has two U.2 connectors on it.

I got two Intel 750 SSD's, 2.5" 400Gb. I can't get these to work.

If I plug both in, computer freezes at the last bit of POST, saying ready to boot...

If I plug one in (doesn't matter which one, i've ruled out faulty cables/connectors), it boots up fine.

then I'll have to hot-plug the other one once windows loaded, which half the time freezes windows.

I have managed to boot it all the way to windows with both connected twice over three days and probably hundreds of reboots.

nVME drivers installed, RST installed, SSD toolkit says they're both fine the few times i've been able to see them. updated firmware on both.

flashed BIOS to latest update, cleared CMOS. fiddled around with the UEFI settings.

supermicro support said something about the SSD's not having any option ROM. setting this to EFI or Disabled makes no difference.

i'm on windows 8.1 at the moment but also purchased a windows 10 pro license. both behave the same.

I don't have the OS on these disks, it's on a samsung evo on sata.

any thoughts?

thanks /Sam


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Thesejm,

We understand you have two Intel® SSD 750 2.5" drives and when both are connected, the system freezes while posting.Based on the information you provided and the troubleshooting performed on your side, we can see that the problem is most likely related to either a power issue or BIOS configuration, this because when you test the drives as single, they both work without issues.We checked the motherboard's manual and we understand that the two P1-NVMe ports are supported by CPU1; However, we did not find any BIOS setting to maybe discard a situation with power or bandwidth feature. Are you only using these two NVMe* drives with the Samsung* drive or do you have more drives plugged in? If you have more connected, please let us know.Have you contacted Supermicro* to verify this situation (A power or BIOS issue), it is clear for us that the SSDs are fine since both work separately.We'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Nestor C

New Contributor

Hello Nestor C

thanks for your reply.

I have only the samsung and the two Intel drives connected, correct.

I also thought it might be power related so earlier I put in a new feed from the (1200W)PSU so I had one Intel drive on one cable and the other plus the samsung on another cable. didn't do anything, so I then put each drive on a separate feed. no result.

I get the feeling this is more of a windows-issue than bios post. it's where that turqoise windows logo shows up and the spinning dots appear. either it stops there or goes on. but i don't know.

I have been emailing with supermicro support and I'm waiting for them to reply to my last update but that probably won't be til tomorrow.


New Contributor

hello again.

i've been messing around with this all day and it's just refusing to work stable. everything is healthy but something is making it crash and act very strange.

All of a sudden a chassi fan stopped spinning and it came back on when I pulled some stuff out. So i'm thinking insufficient power supply. and especially with the whole 1 Intel connected boots fine, 2 completely freezes.

but I have a 1200W corsair, can that be possible? there's only the 1500W left in their range, don't know if anyone else makes more powerful psu's but it seems a bit crazy? maybe I should get a second one and just put all peripherals on that..

I have 2 xeon cpu's

2 noctua cpu fans,

3 chassi fans all 140mm i think.

1 samsung ssd

2 intel 750 ssd

and that's about it at the moment.

I haven't even connected the gpu yet which is a quadro p5000.

the PSU feels a bit on the warm side considering i've not really stressed it, as I can barely get in to windows.

this sucks so much, I had it running for maybe 20mins earlier today and managed to benchmark with cinebench, came out over 4000.

and I tested the seq. speed of the intel drives which looked fantastic! just really want to get this up and running.

any input, anyone?

thanks /S

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Thesejm,

This is a really strange situation since the PSU you have should be able to handle the server fine with both SSDs connected.It would be nice to try a different PSU just to discard any issue with it. We would like also to ask you if you have the latest NVMe* drivers installed already? If not, here is the link.One thing you can check with Supermicro is to verify if there is a tool to diagnose the hardware, we cannot discard as well that the U.2 ports may be the culprit but only when both drives are connected.We'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Nestor C