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Intel 670P cannot install Synergy 2.0 Driver

New Contributor

Just bought an Intel 670P 2TB SSD from Newegg, cloned my previous SSD into it and installed it in my laptop. It's a HP Spectre X360 14" 2020 running Windows 11 22H2. However, whenever I launch the SetupSolidigm.exe installer extracted from the Solidigm Synergy Toolkit, the installer either freezes(Windows displays a 'App not responding' warning) or loads for 1-2 mins and then quits on its own without any errors. I've tried running the installer from Powershell using the arguments stated in the readme, but the installer still fails with some 0x0000001e error code. 

Does anyone know what is going on? I believe the 670p SSD is still supported by the Synergy 2.0 Driver right? I've seen multiple comments on Reddit saying that it works for them, so I'm not sure why the installer keeps failing for me. Would appreciate any help, thanks!



Hello scorlix,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm™ Support.

Please check if, at the BIOS level, the ports are set as Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) and no RAID configuration is present. Could you confirm this, please? We ask because the Solidigm Synergy™ Driver does not support Volume Management Device (VMD) enabled ports or RAID configurations.

The Intel 670p drive is validated to work with the Solidigm Synergy™ Driver, please review Properties > Driver > Driver Details, and check if it is using the disk.sys as the driver file instead of solidnvm.sys. Also, please remove all previous installations and follow the installation readme chapter 3 to install the solidnvm.sys driver (F6 driver).

The other thing is to do the installation as administrator and select the Solidigm Synergy toolkit and Solidigm Synergy Driver during post-installation.

If the issue persists, please let us know.

Solidigm Customer Support.