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Don't Update P3600 To Latest Firmware!!!

New Contributor

Just a warning to anyone using P3600, if you update the firmware, it will brick key functions of the device and Intel will deny you warranty coverage. Whatever you do, DO NOT update to the latest firmware. Also, good luck getting warranty coverage, Intel will do whatever they have to deny warranty coverage. I'm out over $5000 despite my warranty not expiring until February because they claim the retailer I bought my devices from was not an authorized reseller...thus making me "not the original purchaser" despite the devices being sealed when I bought them. 

Intel's firmware breaks my otherwise perfectly normal functioning devices, then they tell me to take a hike and use every single loophole to get out of standing behind their products. Beware before you buy another Intel device. 


Contributor III

Hello, @brew.

Here you will find the release notes with details for every firmware release:

Changes such as the ones you mentioned are not part of any firmware release, you can verify this on page 13 of this document.

Here is a link to your previous thread as it is still open in case other users would like to have more context:

I will proceed to respectfully close both community threads.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician