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Does SSD 525/530/730 support Read Verify?

New Contributor

We are using Read Verify to recover our storage systems when error occurs. We tested this function both on S3700 and 525 by sending Write Uncorrectable EXT command to the devices, S3700 was able to return error correctly as a response to Read Verify command, but 525 did not return error when receiving Read Verify.

We also read the specification of SSD 525, but could not find the description of Read Verify support.

Please advise if SSD 525/530/730 supports Read Verify.

Thanks in advance.


Valued Contributor II

Please allow us more time to investigate.

Thank you!

Thank you for investigating this issue.

Looking forward to your response.

Any updates about your investigation?

Valued Contributor II

I am sorry for the delay, we are still inquiring.

We appreciate your patience.