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Trouble installing solid state drive toolbox on Windows 8 RTM?

Esteemed Contributor III

I installed a 330 series 120GB drive in my Samsung laptop, and copied my data using the Intel tool. I cannot successfully install the tool box from the windows desktop environment. It tells me that it cannot use this GUI and then goes on to talk about switches as though there is a command line method to install.

Message was edited by: Robert Zakowski Discovered if I saved the file and changed properties to say run in win 7 compatibility mode and also as an administrator, it worked,


New Contributor

The link provided in the previous answer from "mashine" actually states that the current drivers does not support Windows 8 ... yet. You may try to look around for a Beta or RC.

For instance the drivers for Rapid Storage Technology has not been updated yet on Intels download pages - however 3rd parties like Gigbabyte has the RST drivers available for Windows 8.

However, different with SDD - delivered directly by Intel.

Try to look around and post if you find any. Windows 8 has built in support for Trim.