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"Volume Shadow Copy" disabling on Intel SSD

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi experts.

I have a 310 series mSata Intel SSD (for use in a tablet). In my other thread on an issue with this SSD and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and AMD chipset, a user with a similar issue found that it could be resolved via disabling the "Volume Shadow Copy" service on the SSD.

I believe this service allowes for disk imaging and backups in the background, ensuring that active processes/files can be backed-up. Aside from backups, is there any other downside or issue for an intel SSD in disabling this service?




Esteemed Contributor III

I'll second that! I have the exact same problem using an 80GB X-25 Intel SSD. I have it installed in an HP DM1Z-4200, which uses an AMD SATA chipset. My symptoms are exactly the same though... running Windows Update or making configuration changes (system restore triggers?) the system takes about 1 hour to boot with the HDD light lit. When I don't make a config change, it boots in a few seconds. Ready... set... fix it! I'm waiting the hour or so it takes my notebook to boot up, and then i'm going to try disabling VSS.