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Should I leave some spare space?

I am building a new computer for work and it will have two x25M-G2 80GB drives in a RAID1 configuration. I have updated the firmware so that I will have TRIM supported, but I realize that TRIM will not (currently) work for RAID. I am using an Asus P...

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manufacturing date of SSD?

anyone knows how can we identify the manufacturing date of the SSD? is there a way for us to know it is manufactured this year 2010??? thanks

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X25-V 40GB in Dell Mini10 Netbook

What can I do so I can optimize my new drive?I have the latest firmware installed. I am running XP Pro. I installed the Toolbox and when I try to optimize the drive, it stops because of detecting raid.I don't think I can have a raid problem because t...

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Windows XP and AHCI - X25-M/V user feedback on older versions of Windows

Thinking of setting up an X25-V but it will have to be on an XP (32bit) system. It's an Intel machine, with an ICH10R southbridge, so AHCI is an option (currently in IDE compatibility mode).I've always been of the understanding that AHCI mode under X...

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Intel SSD Toolbox reports me "SCSI not supported" with X25-V

I've just installed a Windows XP Pro on an X25-V SATA SSD, plugged in an Asus M4A785TD-V EVO mobo, with AHCI activated in the BIOS. All works fine, but, when I launch Intel SSD Toolbox, it detects the SSD X22-V but indicates "SCSI not supported", so ...

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