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Problems with Intel SSD 330 Series on MacBook Pro (2009)

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my new Intel SSD 330 Series on a MacBook Pro from 2009. The drive is behaving strangely and slowing down the Mac. It freezes sometimes and also the Trackpad Interactions are weird. I have to tab 4 times (very fast) to open up my Macintosh HD. Sometimes the Mac starts up very fast, sometimes very slow. Very strange behavior. I used a recovery stick to install Lion on it and it is a fresh installation.

It would be great if anyone knows what to do. I read a lot about it and cannot find a proper solution. Trim seems no solution at all. Thank you in advance for help,




Esteemed Contributor III

I'm actually having similar issues but on a desktop PC, fortunately I have other boot drives but the 330 is less than a month old so I've contacted intel.