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Please help, SSD Raid0(stripe) status Failed, No bootable, OS not found

Esteemed Contributor III

I just bought this SONY Vaio Z1100C, it is i5 540m, 256G ssd, nvidia 330M with Windows 7 home premium.

when i try to boot my laptop this morning, after the bios showed up, it came up with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Option ROM -

there are 5 options in the Main Menu: 1, create raid volume; 2, delee raid volume; 3, reset disks to non-raid; 4, recoevery volume options (this one is grey and can't be selected); 5, exit.

Below the Main Menu is the Disk/Volume Information. it shows the RAID volumes:

ID Name Level Strip Size Status Bootable

0 Volume0 RAID0(Stripe) 128KB 238.5GB Failed No

below was the Physical Devices:

Port Device Model Serial# Size Type/Status (Vol ID)

2 SAMSUNG MMCRE28G 541011SEB11B2728 59.6GB Member Disk(0)

3 SAMSUNG MMCRE28G Y01011SET11B2674 59.6GB Member Disk(0)

4 SAMSUNG MMCRE28G Y01011SEB11B2674 59.6GB Member Disk(0)

both option 2 and 3 will lead to data loss in the hard disk.

when i choose exit the bios came up again, then with an infinite "Operation System not found".

What should I do with this error? I used to have errors in other 3 port but it can be fixed once I was in Windows 7 and clicked the "set to normal" in the intel rapid storage software. but this time it is the operation system disk failure so i can't login the windows to fix this.

more importantly, i can't lose my data. they are extremely valuable and important to me.

Help me please!

Million thanks!


Esteemed Contributor III

i have the same issue, any help here?