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Mounting screws for Intel 520 SSD??

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello all.

This is driving me nuts because it's so stupid. Even though I've paid top dollar for Intel's new 520 SSD, the cheapskates did not include four mounting screws. I was getting ready to mount the drive in my Fractal Design R3, when I discovered none of the included Fractal screws seem to fit this drive properly. For sure, the "standard" HDD screw (of which Fractal included 32...sigh) is too big. Is this also what's known as a 6-32 screw?

The closest I've come to a decent fit is using four FDD screws, but they don't seem to fit just right. However, Googling this subject and digging around on Intel's site seems to suggest I need an "M3" screw. I see some forums and even refer to what they call a "low profile" screw (which I'm not sure is this M3 or not).

Can anyone tell me with certainly just what the &*$@# ! screw to mount this drive with, and where do I find it?? Sheesh!

/Rant Hey Intel, you folks totally FAIL for not including four friggen screws to mount your beautiful, expensive SSD. /Rant

Gary Seven


Esteemed Contributor III

You obviously bought, whether you knew it or not, the OEM version of this SSD. In a plain brown box with a sticker in it, and nothing else, right?

The retail version comes in the typical blue Intel box, with an adapter plate for mounting in 3.5" HDD bays, a SATA cable, a molex to SATA power adapter cable, and eight screws.

The OEM version is usually cheaper, but that can vary. They are really meant for companies building PCs, so no mounting hardware is supplied. That's nothing new, been done for years.

Complain to your retailer if they did not inform you that you were buying the OEM version of the 520. If you received a retail version without hardware, return it for another.

Esteemed Contributor III

I have two sets of screws:

1- is to attach the SSD to a 2.5" to 3.5" bracket (spec: M3 X0.5 5MM,)

2- is to attach the bracket to the computer chasis (specs: UNC 6-32,5MM,)

I hope this helps