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Laggy and Slow X25-E Raid 0

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I've been having these pair of X25-E in raid 0 mode for about 2 years, ( don't remember exactly but i bot these 2 during the first week of their release), they have always been in raid 0 mode, and i have reinstall the OS a couple times from Vista to Win7, however the drive have been running laggy and slow recently, i ran a benchmark test with AS SSD and i got 4k random at around 8Mb/s , that's ridigulous, the sequential read is not much affect, still at over 400Mb/s , can anyone explain what's going on with my drives? i thought SLCs ain't going to degrade much. Advice please!

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Have you tried taking the drives out of the RAID config, ghosting the image, and then secure erase them?

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I have been running two X25-E's in Raid 0 for almost as long as you have. Every 3 months or so, I pull them out of the array and run HDDerase 3.3 across both of them. In every case, this has returned their throughput capability to their former glory ie... VERY VERY FAST!!!!