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Intel X79/C600 chipset cannot use SSD toolbox on SSD when BIOS set to raid

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System components:

Intel DX79SI motherboard BIOSv 0453, SATA ROM v, Chipset inf v, RSTe 'F6" driver and application v

Intel i7-3930k

Intel SSD 520-240GB

Raid configured in SATA rom as:

port 0 SSD reported as non-raid disk

port 2,3,4,5 each as a physical disk raid member (raid10 volume)

CD/DVD in port 1 not reported in SATA rom, but appears in POST and BIOS

WIN7 professional loaded on SSD using "F6" method to install driver

All drives function as expected as reported in Windows, SSD is OS, raid 10 volume split with two partitions of equal size. RSTe application loaded with v3.0.0.3020. OS reports driver for c600 chipset as v3.0.0.3011 and RSTe application reports version as Tried fresh OS install three times to verify when loading v drivers that windows continues to report

That's the background of my efforts.

The symptom is when using SSD toolbox v 3.0.2 the SMART details are not reported, the SSD optimizer tab is not available. So I am unable to view smart details or run the SSD optimizer:

Another user had suggested using other versions of RST non-enterprise, which may work. However I believe the features of SSD toolbox should be available using the components as advertised. I can not find any documentation the indicates the desired configuration I have will not work. Actually, I have looked at all of the DX79SI, 520SSD, C600 chipset documentation and all of it indicates what I am attempting does work. One user suggested setting port 0 to AHCI and the other to RAID, but that is not an available feature in BIOS.

I've been working on this problem for a couple of weeks and appreciate any and all feedback that may help.

Thanks for reading this-