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Intel support related to SSDs is useless - make your voice heard

Esteemed Contributor III

I posted this message: 133706 133706

No answer.

Other people reported a similar issue:

I contacted intel support asking for suggestions and they washed their hands off of me saying it is not their problem and that I should contact apple/microsoft.

Here is how I see it:

Computers are very complex objects and there are layers upon layers that can go wrong from hardware to software. But:

1. A computer nowdays has a lot of Intel hardware, heck maybe at least 50% are intel components, including these ssds.

2. We pay hefty amounts of money for the intel ssds but when things don't work they say it is not their problem.

I find this utterly unacceptable and we - clients, users - should not tolerate it.

You'd think that Intel should test these SSDs on real laptops/computers, at least on the most popular models and of course under Windows/OSx/Linux and under any other operating system out there. While I admit it is impossible to cover all permutations, it is possible to test at least the latest versions of the most popular OSes and perhaps most popular hardware. If there any problems, if the SSD performs slower under a certain OS or if it blows up if the power is lost this should come out before it's sold to the masses. If there are flags that can be set to make these things faster they should know about it. If you need a different cable between you SSD and the motherboard they should know about it .

Intel and for that matter Apple, Microsoft and others get way with too much.


Esteemed Contributor III

Well, last time corp did not even bother to answer to my request sent from the site. And you see how they react to problems with their products on forums. Next week I will try to RMAs all three 320-series SSD I have, but no wonder if they refuse. These drives are my worst purchase in 5 years.