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Intel SSD 330. Windows 7 freezes frequently after fresh installation

Esteemed Contributor III

I had purchased intel SSD 330 120 Gb.

At first I installed in my desktop (AMD Board), a lot of time the SSD fail to be detected with SMART error.

After that I had it installed in my notebook. It worked, but frequently the windows freezes, I have to reboot, and it's ok. After that the problems comes again and I have to reboot again.

I had the SSD removed, then installed to another desktop (intel), the same problem comes up. I had to reboot to resolve the freezes. I could not get into the Internet when the windows freezes.

THis is very frustrating, I could not get tow work with three different machine. I have another SSD (OCZ),which work with my desktop and notebook.

Can anybody assist me on this.

I had done fresh installations on all three machine.

Can I proceed with RMA?



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I got a similar issue on windows 7 as i replace the sata hdd on my lenovo X61 with the Intel 330 120GB. I did search on the internet and and there are many people experiencing ssd freezing issues in either mac os or windows 7. It's even amazing that Intel is such a big firm but on the forum, no professionals are providing the solution or fix. Can anyone help?

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I have the same problem you guys had/have and it was under 1 and 1/2 MONTH,my reseller will change the ssd and will give me a new one but not Intel ssd,I think the best solution for you all is to contact your seller and change the disc,don't buy same Intel ssd it's my advice.

I wonder why Intel doesn't care about us!?

My opinion is that they dont want to cost with support to us but I pay back and will not buy Intel ssd 330 series at all.

I believe that Intel had bad construction on their 330 series,here in Sweden 330 series are cheap to buy for a moment but I will not buy it more.

Good luck and I understand your annoying!


Esteemed Contributor III

Dear All,

I have the same issue and am a dealer with 6 units deployed to 2 businesses.

HP SFF i5 PC and the intel 330 series 120gb SSD.

Supplier was out of stock of Coursair Force drives, we thought Intel, cant go wrong.

I have one test unit here that fails consistently at somewhere between 20 mins and 3 hours.

I'm needing to solve this before my customers start to loose confidence in the units.

they currently have had them less than a week and have spotted the issue.

I have upgraded the BIOS on the HP's and am on this site looking for FW before downgrading the processor function in an attempt to solve this.

It is disapointing that Intel has not responded to its own forum after more than 2 months.

I'll see if they grace me with a response. Will post with what was one to solve this.


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...and you can add me to the list of "freeze" victims.

It has become even weirder, if you read my "330SSD bricked, it seems," post.