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Intel Smart Response

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first post so be easy on me

ok i have brought myself an asus p8z68-v pro motherboard and if i want to use my old 300gig western digital velociraptor 10000 rpm

can i still use the intel smart response with any ssd providing it smaller than 60 gig but no less than 20 gig??

also becouse this is my first build when everything is all cornected etc, do i insert the motherboard disc with drivers etc first or do i need to install windows and then the motherboard disc and then enanble the intell smart reponse in the bios?




Yes ,But the sys has to be set for RAID.

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with my set up could i use a different brand than intell ssd providing it is still over 20 gig and less than 60 gig

as i am finding it hard to get an intell 311 20 gig sdd i have looked everywhere and no one sell's them


Yes Being as there would no need to use the Intel Tool Box , Being as No Info is stored on the drive it's just being used for cashe. So any brand would work , Just remember you get what you pay for . In my good ( High End ) Machines I've stucked with Intel But with other machines I have used Western Digital SSDs and they seam very reliable .

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i use a hitachi 1 tb, and a crucial 64gb ssd, and the system is working well, in fact before raid i had two ssd drives, and they were alot slower than what i have now; the only thing is that i need to increase my volume size, and i follow the directions but i can't find the increase volume exept for the stripe side of the array, which by the way since it is 64gb is there any real advantage to enable "write-back cache"