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Intel 320 digits product code

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Im looking for some feedback from Intel, as there is nothing on the website about the new Intel 320 series, specially the Digit Product codes, i seen the fact, but my question cant be fully answered there, so im opening this thread to get more info.

Im about to buy a Intel 320 series, 300GB, but there are two versions on amazon.

Intel 320 Series 300 GB SATA 3.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drive - Retail Box SSDSA2CW300G3B5

Intel 320 Series 300 GB SATA 3.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drive SSDSA2CW300G3K5

Im just wondering the differences between K n B, in the past the K was retail but according to amazon the B is retail now, so i just want to make sure what are the real diferences between both drives. There is also only K models on the 300gb n 600gb, so idk if this is related to this being better performance drives? pls some info would be very helpful before I order.

Thanks again for your time,


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Looking at the amazon product description under the heading "Technical Details," the line starting with "Included in the box:" states that the B5, "Also includes a notebook install kit: USB to SATA cable, protective sleeve and screwdriver."

Both the B5 and K5 kits include: SSD, quick install guide, mini CD-ROM warranty, desktop install kit: drive bracket and screws, SATA signal cable and SATA power cable.

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Look at the Intel Product Code table at:

The K5 suffix is a reseller box that contains the brackets to mount the 2.5" drive in the standard 3.5" mounting frame found on desktops, but does not contain the consumer information in the B5 retail box. The retail box also contains the mounting brackets for a desktop installation.

The 10 sufffix indicates the drive only -- OEM packaging for someone who is installing the drive in a laptop.

Note that any drive which is not a retail box drive does NOT carry an Intel warranty. The reseller and OEM drives are sold by Intel to people who will -- presumably -- include them in a product that the reseller will then warrant as a total package. These non-retail drives are sold by Intel through those channels for less than the cost of the drives sold via the retail channel -- e.g., by Intel to Best Buy, because Intel does not have to carry the overhead of warranty service.

If you want to buy an SSD through any online source which is not a regular retailer -- e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc., be careful that you get retail box product and packaging or YOU WILL NOT HAVE A WARRANTY.


See the Intel Limited warranties for your specific SSD.

A little clarification on Intel's SSD warranty support;

Intel provides warranty support to the original purchaser of a new SSD in its unopened original packaging regardless of whether is comes in a retail, reseller, or brown box. It does not matter whether you purchased the drive from an on-line retailer or a brick and mortar store. If it is new, in its unopened original packaging, and you are the original purchaser, it is covered.

Most OEM's provide the first year of warranty. Intel covers the remaining years of the stated warranty period for the SSD (either years 2-3 or 2-5) whichever is appropriate. For the first year, you should contact your OEM. After the first year, pleased contact Intel® Customer Support.

Please see the Intel Limited warranties for additional details and clarification.