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Intel 310 series SSD mSATA driver conflicts Windows 8 Consumer Build

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Hi Intel SSD community/support.

This is my first post here. As a desktop user with good Intel SSD experiences, I naturally decided upon an Intel product for reliability and performance as an upgrade to my MSi Windpad 110W Tablet. /?div=Specification SPECS.

I replaced the stock Sandisk 32GB SSD with the;

* Solid State (SSD) - Intel - SSDMAEMC080G2C1

Intel 80GB SSD, 310 Series, mini PCIe mSATA 3Gb/s, Read 200MB/s, Write 70MB/s, OEM

Under Windows 8 Consumer Build - the SSD causes the OS to hang and become unbootable after initial clean install (once any device driver install or Windows Update is attempted). Under a clean install of Windows 7 - with all drivers and updates completed, the Win8 Boot disc will not even load allowing an upgrade install (hands also).

However - the stock 32GB Sandisk SSD performed the Windows 8 install without any issues, and allowed driver updates and Windows Updates to occur - never once crashing, hanging or making the OS unbootable.

I can only deduce that the Hardware/Driver of the Intel SSD is the root cause of the issue. Right now, WIndows 7 is performing with no issues on the same Tablet device with the installed Intel 310 series SSD. I also installed 4GB of RAM (replacing 2GB stock) - however memtest and other diagnostics proved there was no Win8 issue with the RAM.

Can you please confirm;

A. If you have any suggested driver updates or fixes for this issue and/or

B. My Australian warranty/refund position (purchase was last week).

Here's a link to others confirming the same issue: link

Thank you.


PS - I was aiming to do a Win8 preview write-up on my website and need this issue resolved first.


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Also posted an issue thread in the Windows 8 sub-forum at MS Answers. LINK.

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Can someone from Intel SSD support please respond?

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Intel... Hello? A bunch of us are having this same issue with the Intel 310 series SSD mSATA. Please respond...

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Still no comments?

What's the refund policy based on the drive not working, when cheaper, slower mSata devices like the stock MSI Windpad Win7 Sandisk 32GB SSD does work with Win8?