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Do Intel's new RST AHCI/RAID drivers support TRIM?

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Win7 users with an Intel chipset mainboard and Intel X25-M 2G SSD's, who successfully have flashed the actually withdrawn Postville SSD Firmware, want to take advantage of the TRIM command support, but there still are some restrictions:

1. Intel's Matrix Storage Manager drivers (last official v8.9.0.1023) do not support the TRIM command. The only available SATA drivers, which do fully support the TRIM command, are the Win7 generic MS IDE/AHCI drivers.

2. SSD's running in "RAID Mode" neither do support the TRIM command nor can be "cleaned" by Intel's new SSD Toolbox.

So here is my question:

Do or will the upcoming Intel AHCI/RAID drivers of the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (RST) support the TRIM command?

I ask this, because I am already running the brandnew and WHQL certified RST driver v9.5.0.1037 (available at Station-drivers since 13th October) with my 2x160 GB Intel Postville SSD RAID0 system and got a really amazing performance boost.

Thanks in advance!


My system:

MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R (P45 with Intel ICH10R Southbridge)

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E8400 (no OC)

HDD's: 2x160 GB Intel X25-M G2 as RAID0

RAM: 4x2 GB J.Skill PC2-8500

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Esteemed Contributor III

Nope, v9.5.0.1037 does not pass thru TRIM, several forums have reported this..

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I haven't yet seen such reports within other Forums. The problem: How did the users check it?

Furthermore you should consider, that the RST drivers are not yet officially released. Maybe the final version of these new Intel AHCI/RAID drivers will support the TRIM command.

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Well, It's easy to find out, and the ones that reported this did their homework.. Intel did also state that this driver did not support TRIM, nor any other released driver beta or final, to one of the forumposters, so it looks legit, as OCZ forums usually are.... Just forget this v9.5 driver when it comes to TRIM, it's also a bad performer in terms of IOPS in it's current state...

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@ Ourasi:

You write, that it is easy to find out, if the TRIM command is supported, but unfortunately you don't write how to do it (especially when the user is running the SSD's in RAID Mode).