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De-Frag SSD ??


I use PC tools for a registry cleaner , on a regular basis works great , My question was Reg. Mechanic has a feature called Registry DE-Frag, So I emailed PC Tools and asked if this would Harm my SSD , and They said NO and it was safe to run The Reg De-Frag, Has anyone else used this software on a SSD and what were the results??


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Nope i haven't as i use the trim that is supplied with the ssd. Ran it once after installing the ssd and now it does it at idle automatically.

The product I'm talking about is Registry Mechanic, which works very well as keeping registry errors clean , which everyone should use, the part of the program I was reffering to is the registry DEfrag, it's not a hard drive DEfrager it just works on the registry. If you would like to try it PC Tools has a free download to try I have it on all 5 of my computers.

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Over the years, many people have asked me to help them fix their systems after running a Registry Cleaner/Defragger. Unfortunately, usually the only thing that can be done is to restore from a backup or reinstall Windows. Anyone considering using one should read this BEFORE installing it. .

James , I have been using PC Tools Registry Mechanic for years and I have it on all fo my machines ( 7 ) , To date have never had any adverse effects, I am not sure what brand of software you are Refering to , I know some Reg. cleaners are not much more than snake Oil , But Reg. Mech. Works great for me. I contacted PC Tools and asked if it was OK to use on a SSD and said it was OK I just was asking if anyone else has had any experince doing it.When I said 5 machines I forgot my two notebooks.