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Size of SRT Cache

I have a 64GB SSD set up as an SRT cache. I'd like to use 50GB for SRT and 10GB as a normal partition (for temporary location for big 3D models). Intel software will let me chose the full drive or 18GB. How do a user selected size for the SRT?

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Ordered OEM 320 Series SSD Need Spacer Bracket?

According to an article I read I need the spacer. "The enclosure is much slimmer than the normal 2.5" enclosure, allowing it to be fitted into ultra-portable laptops with half height drive bays. A spacer is installed by default so it will still fit ...

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Encrypting vs non-encrypting SSD with ATA password

Hi,I would like to use an SSD that is inaccessible if lost or stolen. Do I really need an encrypting SSD, such as 320 series, or would an ATA pwd on non-encrypting SSD, such as 510 series, suffice? I am not concerned by someone physically removing th...

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Freezing/Pausing SSD X25-M 80GB

I've read others similar problems, but I want to know what to do in my situation. I have the drive above, and I have once in the past, done a secure erase and reformat, and reload, etc. Here's the symptom. About every half hour or so of continuous us...

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