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Intel SSD back to life success story (using Linux Live CD only)

As many of other guys who have experienced that, I woke up one morning with "Operating system not found" and BAD_CTX as serial number.I was thousands miles from home and I only had the laptop itself and Ubuntu Live CD.I immediately started reading th...

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SSD "failure imminent" reported in PC-Doctor?

Hello,I have a faily new (5 months) 320 series drive which I am using in a Lenovo Thinkpad. That system also has the Lenovo Thinkvantage Toolbox installed which is built around the PC-Doctor software. For some time now I am seeing the TV diagnostics ...

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Can someone once and for all answer this about OSX???

I have just installed an Intel SSD (320 series 120GB) in a macbook pro running the latest version of Lion. It is running great. Trim is not enabled. Do I need to enable trim???And if soHow do I enable Trim in Lion????<<</span>

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Intel 320 SSD: How to set the AT HD Password encryption correctly.

I have recently bought the 80GB 320 and I am still trying to get a simple answer to the FDE AT HD password question and think it would be very helpful if the answer were included in the HD manual and the FAQ.If, as is the case, my pc has a bios and a...

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