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Intel SSD Toolbox for Mac?

Just curius if Intel has decided to yet to make a Intel SSD Toolbox application for Mac? My 320 is running fine in my Early-2011 MBP, would be nice though to have those tools. Any alternatives?

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Intel SSD 520 series 480GB - broken

Hi, Seems like my 480GB drive has a serious issue. All of a sudden it doesn't want to be recognized by the bios or the OS (win and linux). I'm thinking that there must be something wrong with the electronics. Is there a way/tool that i can use to rec...

Drives randomly change from SATA 3 to SATA 2

Hi,I have recently purchased (1 month ago) a Dell XPS 8300 dekstop which has an i7 2600 chip on what appears to be an H67 motherboard (made by Dell?) and I separately bought 2 Intel 510 120gb SSDs. My motherbaord has 6 SATA ports, 4 x SATA 2 and 2 x ...

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Intel 520 - Password not accepted after restart

Hi,I installed new Intel 520 SSD into my T420s and it works great with one exception - HDD password configured in BIOS is not accepted after restart. Both user and master passwords were configured for the drive but none is accepted after restart.Ther...

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RAID-1 with C204 chip and two SSDs for 6Gbps database experience?

Hello,I am seeking advice on an Intel C204-based RAID 1 with two SATA3 SSDs for a small database project (120 GB, ~2M records). The database is used for reading mostly. I am told that adding RAM to the server would be a better solution than SSD disks...

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