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Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

Had my 320 ssd for a month, all going well till a usb device BSOD my win7, rebooted to find my disk at 8mb. Waited for firmware update last wednesday as lots of forum discussion. Did Secure erase and firmware update to v1.9 and restored partition on ...

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Questions about overprovisioning

Hi there,with my latest Intel SSD (SSD320, 600 GB) I made initially 3 partitions (2GB, 50GB, 400GB). The remaining space was 106GB.Later I partioned the remainig 106GB as the 4th and last primary partition.After I had partioned the 4th partition I re...

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SSDs with ICH9R southbridge?

Does the ICH9R AHCI chipset driver now fully support the use of SSDs? I read somewhere recently that there were bandwidth limitation issues with SSDs on the ICH9R. I really want an SSD to use with Windows 7!

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Intel 520 Series 120G SSD random BSOD's - please help

Gday guys,just wanted to humbly ask for some help. I've recently fitted a new 520 Series SSD into my PC and im getting random BSOD's. I've had 2 today so far after loading a fresh installation of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 early this morning. I wasnt doin...

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No USB to SATA cable for Intel 330 SSD?

I bought an Intel 330 180GB SSD for my brand new Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 laptop. I noticed that there is no USB to SATA cable included in the box, which I believe I need to migrate the data from the stock HDD to the new SSD. However, a USB to SATA cabl...

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