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Weird SSD Benchmark

Evertime I benchmark my intel 160gb G2 ssd drive I get a weird benchmark like this in the image. Is this normal?

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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Is it possible to reflash SSD with same firmware

I need to reflash my both Intel X25-M with the latest firmware but tool doesn't let me cause it's already running latest version. Reason why is that under Windows 7 Raid 0 of these two scores only 5.9. I thought that SATA controller on my x58 motherb...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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Windows on Z-U130 USB Solid-State Drive

I have a D945GSEJT board with an 8GB Z-U130 USB Solid-State Drive compatiable device. I have tried many time to install Windows on the USB drive but i always fails. I have tried Win2003, Win Vista and Win7 both with and without BartPE. Is it imposssi...

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limited tech background - ssd questions

1. Does writing to a 2nd drive reduce wear on my X25-M 80GB? In other words if I store all my data on a mechanical drive, such as a Raptor, using the ssd only to retrieve files from that Raptor will it cut down on the writes? I would assume so but my...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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